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WTF is This??? | Mutant Animal

This has to be one of the worst mutant face fails on a pig ever!

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Anyway I was on WHATPOLL and viewed some funny clips…
Here you go… 10 of the Strangest, Craziest & Funniest Sports Ever!
I Added the 11th one from the archives… LMFAO!

Dwarf Tossing Competition

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I found Die Antwoord on Chet Hondo’s Blog Page

Die Antwoord

DIE ANTWOORD (Myspace) is from CAPE TOWN, South Africa.
They have one of the weirdest music videos that I’ve seen yet.
Still figuring out how to categorize it. Very Interesting.

The White Rapper: Ninja
The Big Guy: Dj Hi-Tek
The Little Dude: DJ Leon Botha
The Blond Girl: Yo-Landi Vi$$er

Web Site:


Video Below: DIE ANTWOORD | “Zef Side”

Yo-Landi Vi$$er of the group Die Antwoord has
a song called “RICH BITCH” that I think I’m feeling.
Die Antwoord - Yolandi Visser

Check out the audio below:
Yo-Landi Vi$$er | “RICH BITCH”″
I’m still trying to gather my thoughts about everything that’s been presented to me about Die Antwoord up to this point.

For more recent News about Die Antword, check Out this article by: Marius Bosch

(images via: Watkykjy & Mhambi


Balenciaga previews a selection of footwear models for its Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. Although not very extensive, we get a peek into what the fashion house has in store for the new season. Clean and sleek, the high top designs are highlighted by the use of various textiles, including suede, snake skin, patent leather, premium leather, and even wrinkled leather. Balenciaga