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In a time when most people are afraid to speak-up for what many believe is “right”,
Willy Northpole drops a video properly titled “Back to Mexico”.
The song speaks for itself. Check it out here…

Willy Northpole | Back to Mexico | 2010 Official Video

T.I. | “I’m Back” | 2010 New Hip Hop Music


(Photo: Trap Muzik / Audio: Binside)

A .22-caliber pistol with a high-tech safety feature. Made by German company Armatix, the pistol will only fire if it is within a few inches of a special wristwatch, which sends a “wireless arming signal” to the pistol.

An LED Light at the back of the pistol flashes green to signify that it is unlocked; the LED turns red when the arming signal is not detected.

The Armatix website describes a highly similar concept for a gun, but adds that not only will the gun be tied to a specific wristwatch, the wristwatch will be paired to a specific fingerprint as well. I’m not sure if the actual gun-watch combo has this functionality. A limited edition version of the high-tech pistol will be available starting next month for €7,000 (approx. $9,700 USD).


Armatix will eventually offer higher caliber guns, like this colossal revolver, as well as rifles and shotguns.

(Via TechnaBob & Danger Room )

Photos courtesy of Bryan William Jones