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Up-and-coming new artist RA DIGGS is the truth!! DIGGS just posted a new video for his song “EULOGY” which opens up his PRAY FOR MY ENEMIES mix-tape with Dj Kay Slay…

Check the video here…

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Here’s one from the archives. Heavyweight Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, displays chunky art.

Auto Body Fat | Erwin Wurm

The Fat Car.


The latest bombing was committed on a Cow in Russia.

[Source: F O A]

Young Chris & J. Cole | “Still The Hottest” | 2010 New Music″

(Audio: XXL / Photo: Young Chris – Myspace / J.Cole – )

PRODUCT & Young NA Rothstien | “Walk Wit Me” | 2010 | Hip Hop″


I don’t under a word this guy is saying. I think he’s rapping in German…
Whatever language it is, he killed it! And the Track is FIRE too!
I know that I wouldn’t ever want to get kicked by the big dude with the wrinkles in his forehead. The dude looks like he’s trying to knockout the cameraman with a mean foot to the chin!

International Hip Hop | HALT DIE FRESSE – NR. 02 – JEYZ

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