Flavored Paper | Organic Faux Potato-Chips | SLIM CHIPS

Posted: April 27, 2010 in H & Beauty, WoW, WTF
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As odd as this product appears, I feel compelled to sample these “paper chips”. Maybe there’s a little goat in us all.

Counting calories? Worried about your weight or just want to worry less about what you consume? Forget food: if all you want is something tasty to snack on without the calorie or fat content, why limit yourself to eating things normally classified as ‘edible’ … when you could just have organic flavor-packed paper in a bag?

Yes, Hafsteinn Juliusson brought these to Milan where most people were exhibiting furniture, furnishing or fixture designs. Instead of bringing his own work of art or interior design object, he supplied visitors with strange and unique faux food filled with the tastes of peppermint, blueberry, cheddar, wasabi or sweet potato (and likewise unusually vibrant colors).

It sounds strange, but it makes quite a bit of sense from a dietary perspective – no-calorie treats that can replace the habit of eating normal fat-filled potato chips complete with the same shape, size, texture and plastic packaging. And the flavors are varied enough for any taste: sweet, spicy, savory – artificial flavoring makes it possible.

Fresh-tasting and much more filling than air, getting stuffed full on these calorie-free concept chips is nonetheless just as healthy as breathing. How long before we see packages of this in your typical chip aisle or the diet section of the grocery store? Who knows, this may be the beginning of a healthy alternative future for our favorite junk foods.

[Source: (re-print via Dornob]

  1. You have a great blog here! I love the pictures and the colors!!!
    I just retweeted you:)
    Good luck

    • ZUSO's BLOG says:

      Same to you! Your blog is very informative. Thanks for the retweet button…
      I have been all over the net looking for this thing.
      I just knew there was a way minus the plugin. CHEERS!

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