Ris Low | Spokesperson for Condom Company

Posted: January 23, 2010 in People, Web
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Ris Low | Spokesperson for Condom Company

(Source: DivaAsia.com)

Ris Low

Ex-beauty queen Ris Low is once again the topic of discussion. Condom company ‘Espire’ has asked her to be their youth ambassador, reported Shin Min evening daily.

Low will promote their new condom, and raise awareness for safe sex among young people.

After the card fraud incident, Ris Low was interviewed and she said she was “not afraid of embarrassment, just want to be famous.” She also added that after her serving her sentence, she wants to join another beauty pageant. “Two years later,
I will once again become a phoenix! I will be back!”

To everyone’s surprise, she had her way. After the fiasco, she not only became the cover girl for a men’s magazine, now she is even the face for Espire.

Low, who admitted to having bipolar disorder, had become irritable due to the continuous bad press.

The 19-year-old drew many criticisms for poor diction of the English language. Later her card fraud history on how she spent almost $8,000, was exposed. Then she was sentenced to be under surveillance for 24 months last May. With all these issues at hand, she was forced to give up her title.

Despite all that, local media reported had Low is one of the most searched person on mega search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and rednano.sg.


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